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Reach reporters and land in the news.

Reporters look for stories that are timely, relevant and compelling. If you have a good story, why wait for them to find you? A strong media relations program includes frequent communication and a proactive approach to building media relationships. We’ll help you identify contacts at target media outlets, develop creative angles for your message and create stories that make headlines. Our media programs include strategies such as:

  • Press releases and distribution
  • Article writing/placement programs
  • Comprehensive media list/database
  • Media coaching/training
  • Product launches
  • Editorial calendar campaigns
  • Media follow up/story pitching
  • Media/analyst tours

We can help you create a high-impact media relations program that includes concepts, story ideas, stellar writing and meaningful placement. When you’re ready to introduce your organization to the world, Xstatic makes it big and buzzworthy.

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